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    Bwin party pokerfest promotion

    Brigade Rouge
    Brigade Rouge

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    Bwin party pokerfest promotion Empty Bwin party pokerfest promotion

    Post by Brigade Rouge on Tue 2 Apr - 11:10

    The hippies had Woodstock. You have the Pokerfest. With 15 days of tournaments, a total of $ 4,000,000 in prize money, four different stages to play on and a lot of unique promotions mixed in to create one sweet-sounding poker festival, the latest edition of the Pokerfest will rock the poker world.

    Are you ready to jam?

    No love songs will echo across the felt. No out-of-tune moves will go unpunished. No stage fright will do when the final table lights are switched on.
    Bring out your best poker solo, find the poker stage for you and prepare to deliver a best-of performance!
    Find your stage!

    The Pokerfest offers action across four different stages – the Highroller Stage, the Grinder Stage, the Micro Stage and the Points Stage. Each stage has its own buy-in range and offers action every day. The tournaments on the Points Stage feature Poker Point buy-ins. Check out the full Pokerfest schedule!
    Be part of the main act!

    After two weeks of intense action, the Pokerfest will end with a loudspeaker-blowing encore – a $1,500,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold’em event. The entry fee is $640 but you can qualify for this and all other 63 Pokerfest events for less. Simply hit the lobby and jump into any of the vast array of Pokerfest qualifiers!

    Pokerfest Promotions

    There are no backstage passes to the Pokerfest. But there are several promotions that grant admission to Pokerfest events without you having to pay up front.
    Pokerfest Deposit Bonus

    The fastest and simplest way to join the Pokerfest is to make a deposit using the code POKERFEST. If you do so now, you’ll be rewarded with an entry ticket to the $10,000 Pokerfest Mega Satellite (see below).
    Pokerfest Mega Satellites

    If you can stand out in a big crowd, then you should consider securing a free seat for our two Mega Satellites. We will host a $5,000 Mega Satellite on 27.04.2013 at 20:00 (GMT +2) and a $10,000 Mega Satellite on 04.05.2013 at 20:00 (GMT +2). Take part in five or more Pokerfest events to receive a free ticket to the $5k event and participate in ten or more to get a free ticket to the $10k event.
    The Pokerfest Daily Prize Card

    All you need to do to win something during the Pokerfest is collect one Poker Point from 01.04. to 22.04.2013. For each day during this period that you collect at least one Poker Point, you will unlock a prize card.

    Access your account and click on collected prize cards to collect random prizes.

    A one-hit wonder later and you may have turned one Poker Point into a $640 Pokerfest Main Event buy-in.

    Please note that unclicked prize cards will expire after 06:00 (GMT +2) the following day. Check the Promotion Terms & Conditions below.

    Possible prizes include Poker Points, tournament dollars, tickets to a daily Pokerfest Giveaway Freeroll with $1,000 in cash and a Main Event Package on the line in each and, as mentioned, a seat in the $640 Pokerfest Main Event straight up.



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